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ZNDER INC. was established in 2015 in Lodi, New Jersey. Fang, who always refers himself as a Factory Man, had had 6 years of electronics manufacturing experience before he established ZNDER.
Yes, ZNDER is young in age but has been specialized in the global electronics, automotive, cloth and home-improvement tool for at least 5 years. Growing up with the changing world, we have always been valuing the development of our brands in the North American region since the beginning of our establishment; so here we are very proud to announce that we have over seven brands in the United States for our electronics, automotive accessories and other products.
At present, Nilight is the successful example of our brands. In the near future, we will have more brands, like todays’ Nilight in American markets.
We never stop to inspire ourselves to chase the market. We offer work lights and vehicle LED solutions to our customers. In specification: LED Work Lights, LED Light Bars, LED Emergency Lighting, LED headlights, Angle Eye Projectors, Wiring Harnesses, and LED Running Lights.


Shenzhen ZNDER GOODS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. (Original Name: Shenzhen ZNDER GOODS TRADING CO. LTD.) was founded in 2013 in Shenzhen, one of the most famous Chinese City. As the head office, Shenzhen ZNDER GOODS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. is a high-tech e-commerce company of foreign trade specialized in product research, development, production and sales. Up to now, our products have been delivered to more than ten countries and regions such as: United States, Canada, European Countries, Australia, South Africa, South America, Japan and other Asian countries. 
By continuous exploration and try for 2 years, a team of 200 elite staffs is formed. At present, based on the business pattern of “various suppliers, multiple sales platforms”, ZNDER is devoting to combine the model of “Made in China” with independent design and selling products to the world via Amazon, Wal-Mart, Ebay, Ali Express, LAZADA, Wish Platform, Nilight Official Website and other sales platforms.
Now we have eight brands for products ranged from the high technology—LED lighting products, automotive accessories, electronics, to the daily goods—clothing, bags, office supplies, outdoor sports products, and so on.
Based on the current advanced network resources, Shenzhen ZNDER GOODS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. transforms thinking patterns and applies the newest management model to operate eight brands with tens of thousands of products. 
In 2015, we established overseas subsidiaries- ZNDER INC. according to the current situation of cross-border e-commerce. This subsidiary has been efficiently promoting the rapid development of our overseas business.

What is Nilight?

Nilight is a famous brand of ZNDER INC who put its own name into American trademark registered book in 2014.
By three years’ efforts of Nilights’ all staffs, now Nilight has at least 1,000,000 fans around the world. Sharing their Nilight products with other fans already becomes daily fun for many Nilight fans.
Nilight provides affordable yet high quality products functioned with long lifespan -- 30,000+Hrs, advanced cooling system and IP 67 waterproof rate. The stainless mounting brackets are rust-proof and anti-corrosive; the die-cast aluminum housings are good for heat dissipation; the IP67 waterproof rate makes the light bars waterproof and dustproof.
If you still have questions about what is Nilight? Here, we tell you, Nilight is a belief to explore the unknown dark world.
With Nilights’ light bars, the road toward your home will be safe and bright.


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